How to arrive:

"A Magical journey, from the grain to the cup..."

Coffee tour of Colombia

1. First we need to go to Chinchina. 

2. From terminal Manizales (bus station): The quickest way is to get a bus to Chinchina in “Autolujo” (bus company) of  COP$3,000 pesos. Or If want fast service: Refer with the person on the bus station (terminal)  information, intercity taxis for 4 people(Taxi autolujo), which lead to the Hacienda Guayabal.

  If you arrive from other city (Armenia, Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Pereira), please call us or make stop in the station in Chinchina.

3. In Chinchina you use taxi, please organize the price before to take this service (COP$8.000), and you can take the taxi in the Station or in the main square, and you need only 10 minutes to arrive to H.Guayabal.